Solving problems and emergencies

We were assigned the full design of a safety kit with the aim of leading and innovating in the Safety Zone category, and this was our proposal…
Estudio Alpina

Design thinking

We focus on the user, understanding that in an emergency situation you need trustworthy elements which can respond to different environments and contexts, such as in a car, at a pool party, at a campsite or in a boat.

Estudio Alpina

Design and development

As we worked together with the client, we defined the kit's value proposition to provide users with the basic tools to keep them connected and safe until help arrives, so they can solve more complex problems.

Estudio Alpina

Product engineering

We turn ideas into reality and define materials, technologies and production processes. We generate the necessary technical documents to start industrial iterations.

Estudio Alpina

Function and usability

We iterate with consumers and apply changes with agility. We understood that one of the requirements was that the device should have a light that could be used as a flashlight or a camping light.