Live healthy

We were contacted to develop a countertop water purifier, an ambitious industrial design project, and this was our answer…
Estudio Alpina

Design thinking

We explore both morphology and functionality to find an in sight that meets people's needs. Bringing them the best alternatives for the care and development of a healthy and sustainable life.

Estudio Alpina

Design and development

We focus on functionality and users. A purifier removes all the impurities of tap water and avoids the consumption of single-use plastics. This connects us with the well-being and care of our world.

Estudio Alpina


We generate innovative ideas, focused on understanding and providing solutions to people's wants and needs. We analyze internal and external factors that allow us to iterate and find solid answers to real needs.

Estudio Alpina


We build prototypes, iterate and apply changes with agility to ensure the effectiveness of the objectives. This helps us materialize the design.

Estudio Alpina

Product engineering

We turn ideas into reality. We select suitable production processes and provide technical documents necessary for the implementation on the market.