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We were asked to design an electric toothbrush for adults, an integral project of product design, user experience and packaging. Here's how we solved it...
Estudio Alpina

Concept design

We decided to explore new morphologies and materials, identify opportunities that may lead us to a product typology with semantic impact and functional responses.

Estudio Alpina

Graphic design

We work on art design and graphic pieces to define product usability and communicate its benefits. The device includes a reminder which beeps every 30 seconds indicating the users to brush the next section of their teeth. The reminder will automatically turn off after two minutes.

Estudio Alpina

Product development

We managed to create a product to clean your teeth better as it has a faster motor, providing a deeper and superior cleaning capacity. We think about what people want and need, a product with high operating autonomy and a low charging time.

Estudio Alpina

Prototype and manufacturing

We build prototypes, iterate with suppliers and generate technical production documentation. We propose effective solutions that transform ideas into tangible objects.