Natural contact

We were selected to design a children's gardening game, an intuitive concept of products to connect children with nature in a positive way. This was our proposal…
Estudio Alpina

Semantics and development

We researched new scenarios, defined the project’s value and transmitted two main concepts -being respectful to the environment and consuming organic products for a healthy and balanced diet.

Estudio Alpina

Design and materialization

We focus on understanding the user and the importance of the message transmited in the materiality. A sugarcane-based polyethylene was chosen in its ethylene composition, which provides the desired positive impact in terms of its carbon footprint.

Estudio Alpina

Design thinking

We explore disruptive ideas, working as a team to identify and create opportunities to meet our goals.

Estudio Alpina

Product engineering

We turn ideas into reality. We select suitable production processes, materials and generate the necessary technical documents to materialize the design.