Taking five

We were hired to design a family of products with a new furniture concept: functional, durable and with a positive impact. This was our answer…
Estudio Alpina


We believe in a functional and sustainable design, and we keep users in our mind to offer them a more pleasant life through design. We address the full design of the product family: one and three seater sofa plus a bench or support element.

Estudio Alpina

Design Thinking

We focus on understanding and providing solutions to people's wants and needs. Developing models and morphological iterations leads us to an accurate path in design intention, in other words to be able to validate and discover new scenarios that define opportunities.

Estudio Alpina

Design and materialization

We turn ideas into reality. We select suitable production processes that are committed to contributing to our world. We work on more than just the design, we also manage suppliers and assist in the launch of each product.

Estudio Alpina

Technical documents

We generate the technical documents necessary for manufacturing. We select production processes and materials. In this case, we chose polyethylene, which provides durability and endures high levels of recycling and reuse.