A bit of adventure

We were selected for the full development of an individual kayak and its accessories and the creation of a new concept in nautical recreation products, prioritizing the user’s needs and the product’s transportability. This was our answer…
Estudio Alpina

Design and development

We designed a light, compact product, thinking about its durability and the possibility of it carrying a lot of weight without losing performance and flotage. Rowing is very comfortable thanks to the adjustable pedals and the maneuvering position.

Estudio Alpina

Design thinking

We design innovative products to allow companies to grow and acquire competitive advantages. We help manage change by involving the user in the process.

Estudio Alpina

Product engineering

We select suitable production processes and the technical documents necessary to materialize the design, we manage suppliers and we assist in the beginning of manufacturing.

Estudio Alpina

Prototypes and tooling

We build prototypes, iterate and apply strategic changes with agility to ensure the effectiveness in our goals. We are present at the monitoring and materialization of each project.