A new concept in buying

We were hired to develop a robotic smart store.
A new buying experience, created with a futuristic convenience in mind and this is how we solved it…
Estudio Alpina


We generate innovative ideas, focused on understanding and providing solutions to people's wants and needs. We analyze internal and external factors in order to empathize with users to find solid answers to real needs.

Estudio Alpina

Design thinking

We explore disruptive solutions, working along with the client as a team to identify and create opportunities. Self-service stores are very practical, without staff and 100% remote.

Estudio Alpina

Semantics and usability

We bring solutions to the market for a new buying concept. You can operate 24/7 in a physical store and online through an App as well. Decide when to get your order and optimize your time away from home.

Estudio Alpina


We turn ideas into reality. We select production processes and components. We build prototypes, iterate and we apply strategic changes with agility to ensure development effectiveness.